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Fairchild PT-19 Cornell N33870

One of only three PT-19 Cornells currently flying in Europe, N33870 last flew in her native America in the early 1950s and was imported to the United Kingdom shortly after. Passing through a succession of owners she was then stored until the 1990s when a restoration began, however she didn't fly following restoration and she was purchased by CFMC in 2006. A thorough overhaul followed which resulted in her finally taking to the air again in the hands of Dale Featherby during September 2008, and she has been operated across Europe ever since.

With beautifully harmonised controls and docile yet responsive handling, the PT-19 remains, although somewhat under-powered for her weight, a true delight to fly and harks back to the golden age of flying machines and can best be described as an "aeronautical leather armchair".


Permanent hangarage is essential for these old wood and fabric aeroplanes. 

This illustrates the mixed construction technique which constituted the build method of the PT-19. The wing, tailplane and fin are of largely wooden construction with a bonded layer of fabric to provide a degree of protection from the environment. The fuselage frame is of welded steel construction covered with wooden formers to provide the external profile and covered in a doped fabric "sock".


These show the engine installation. A superbly reliable Ranger inverted straight 6 air-cooled engine, it really is a pleasure to fly behind.


These two shots illustrate well the simplicity and originality of the front cockpit. The only concessions to modernity is a modern VHF comm set, essential for operating in todays airspace environment. The venturi located on the left side below the front windscreen is an original feature and provides suction for the Turn Indicator. The black metal case between the rudder pedals contains the 12 volt battery which provides power for the VHF comm set.

The PT-19 is currently available for display bookings across Europe during 2023. If you are interested in booking this aeroplane for either a public or private display, please contact us and we can see how we can assist you.

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