Bell P-63C-5 Kingcobra

Our Kingcobra was manufactured at the Bell facility near Buffalo, NY, and ferried across the United States, through Canada and across Alaska to Siberia via the ALSAB (Alaska-Siberia Route)

While the exact service history of the aeroplane remains unknown at this time, it was likely assigned to the 307 iap or 308 iap and used during the Soviet "August Storm" offensive against against the Japanese during August 1945, remaining in service with the "Soviet Pacific Fleet" until the 1950s.

She was subsequently discovered as an abandoned wreck in the Kuril Islands chain, it is believed on Kataoka Airfield on Shumshu Island.

Subsequently imported into the UK and stored for a number of years, CFMC obtained the remains of two Kingcobras in 2019, importing them into France for restoration.