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welcome to the Classic Flying Machine Collection

Dedicated to Restoring, preserving and Operating Historic Aircraft of Significance to the History of Flight in Europe

The Classic Flying Machine Collection, based in Suffolk in the UK, and operating across Europe, is responsible for a collection of aircraft of significance to the history of flight in Europe.

The collections’ primary objective is the restoration and preservation in airworthy condition of our aviation heritage. Run entirely by volunteers in both the UK and Europe, CFMC operates one of only three Fairchild PT-19 Cornell training aeroplanes in Europe, and has under restoration an example of the Hispano Buchon (Messerschmitt  Bf-109J) formerly of the Spanish Air Force, and a North American T-6D Texan previously used by both the Royal Air Force, the South African Air Force and the Força Aérea Portuguesa (Portuguese Air Force).


The collection is run by a team of volunteers who give up their free time to painstakingly restore and operate the collection aeroplanes. Through their love, knowledge and dedication they are preserving aviation history for generations to come.

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Classic Flying Machine Collection is proud to work across the European Union in partnership with our supporters

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